The Dis-United Kingdom? Devolution and the British State

In light of yesterday’s no vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum here is an article I wrote on the issue of devolution in the United Kingdom back in February. It is clear to me now that the only truly equitable and lasting territorial settlement for the nations of the United Kingdom lie in the establishment of a Federal system, with England or its regions given a true voice within the Union, equal to those of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Ian Howarth

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote in the ‘Economist’ in 1996 that;

”The challenge facing us is that which devolutionconfronted the Victorian reformers of the last century who, almost uniquely, gave Britain democracy without revolution.  It is to take a working constitution, respect its strengths, and adapt it to modern demands for clear effective government while at the same time providing a greater democratic role for the people at large’ (cited in Richards & Smith, 2002: 235) This was the goal of Labours constitutional reforms after 1997; to modernise Britain’s highly centralised government structures and create a modern European state.  This was to be both centrally strong, while at the same time being regionally representative, giving a greater role to regional and national political aspirations under the overall structure of  the British Parliament, while also providing greater territorial security for the UK.

This approach to reforming…

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